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Amicia Lee

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    ved Institutt for geovitenskap ved UiT Norges arktiske universitet

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A practical method to determine the five-parameter orientation of intragranular boundaries in polycrystals.

Lloyd, Geoffrey E.; Lee, Amicia; Kahl, Maren. 2021, Tectonophysics. UIT, UoL, RHVitenskapelig artikkel

Effect of pressure on the deformation of quartz aggregates in the presence of H2O .

Nègre, Lucille; Stunitz, Holger; Raimbourg, Hugues; Lee, Amicia; Précigout, Jacques; Pongrac, Petar; Jeřábek, Petr. 2021, Journal of Structural Geology. UIT, UKVP, UdVitenskapelig artikkel

Deformation Behavior and Inferred Seismic Properties of Tonalitic Migmatites at the Time of Pre‐melting, Partial Melting, and Post‐Solidification.

Shao, Yilun; Piazolo, Sandra; Liu, Yongjiang; Lee, Amicia; Jin, Wei; Li, Weimin; Liang, Chenyue; Wen, Quanbo. 2021, Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems. MACQ, UIT, KINA, UoL, UoO, JU, OUCVitenskapelig artikkel

Evolution of a shear zone before, during and after melting.

Lee, Amicia; Lloyd, Geoffrey E.; Torvela, Taija; Walker, Andrew M.. 2020, Journal of the Geological Society. UIT, UoLVitenskapelig artikkel
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