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Thea Josefine Ellevold

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    ved Mekanikk ved Universitetet i Oslo

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An investigation into the turbulence induced by moving ice floes.

Løken, Trygve Kvåle; Marchenko, Aleksey; Ellevold, Thea Josefine; Rabault, Jean; Jensen, Atle. 2021, Proceedings - International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions. UNIS, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Bringing optical fluid motion analysis to the field: A methodology using an open source ROV as a camera system and rising bubbles as tracers.

Løken, Trygve Kvåle; Ellevold, Thea Josefine; Ramirez de La Torre, Reyna Guadalupe; Rabault, Jean; Jensen, Atle. 2021, Measurement Science and Technology. UIO, METVitenskapelig artikkel

Monitoring of 3D motion of drifting iceberg with an ice tracker equipped with accelerometers.

Marchenko, Aleksey; Zenkin, Alex; Marchenko, Nataliya; Paynter, Chris; Whitchelo, Yiyi; Ellevold, Thea Josefine; Jensen, Atle. 2020, Proceedings of the IAHR International Symposium on ice. USA, CANADA, UNIS, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel
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