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Adrián Jaén-Gil

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Insights into removal of antibiotics by selected microalgae (Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, Chlorella sorokiniana, Dunaliella tertiolecta and Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata).

Hom-Diaz, Andrea; Jaén-Gil, Adrián; Rodríguez-Mozaz, Sara; Barceló, Damià; Vicent, Teresa; Blánquez, Paqui. 2022, Algal Research. NORCE, UdG, UADBVitenskapelig artikkel

Sustainable microalgae-based technology for biotransformation of benzalkonium chloride in oil and gas produced water: A laboratory-scale study.

Jaén-Gil, Adrián; Ferrando-Climent, Laura; Ferrer, Imma; Thurman, E. Michael; Rodríguez-Mozaz, Sara; Barceló, Damià; Escudero-Oñate, Carlos. 2020, Science of the Total Environment. NORCE, IFEVitenskapelig artikkel

Effect-Based Identification of Hazardous Antibiotic Transformation Products after Water Chlorination.

Jaén-Gil, Adrián; Farré, Maria José; Sànchez-Melsió, Alexandre; Serra-Compte, Albert; Barceló, Damià; Rodríguez-Mozaz, Sara. 2020, Environmental Science and Technology. NORCEVitenskapelig artikkel

Prospects on coupling UV/H2O2 with activated sludge or a fungal treatment for the removal of pharmaceutically active compounds in real hospital wastewater.

Mir-Tutusaus, Josep Anton; Jaén-Gil, Adrián; Barceló, Damià; Buttiglieri, Gianluigi; Gonzalez-Olmos, Rafael; Rodríguez-Mozaz, Sara; Caminal, Glòria; Sarrà, Montserrat. 2021, Science of the Total Environment. NORCEVitenskapelig artikkel

Insights on the metabolization of the antidepressant venlafaxine by meagre (Argyrosomus regius) using a combined target and suspect screening approach.

H.M.L.M. Santos, Lúcia; Maulvault, Ana Luísa; Jaén-Gil, Adrián; Marques, António; Barceló, Damià; Rodríguez-Mozaz, Sara. 2020, Science of the Total Environment. NORCEVitenskapelig artikkel
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