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Siri Thoresen

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    ved Nasjonalt kunnskapssenter om vold og traumatisk stress


Shame predicts revictimization in victims of childhood violence. A prospective study of a general Norwegian population sample.

Aakvaag, Helene Flood; Thoresen, Siri; Strøm, Ida Frugård; Myhre, Mia Cathrine; Hjemdal, Ole Kristian. 2018, Psychological Trauma. NKVTS, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

Survivors Report Back. Young people reflect on their media experiences after a terrorist attack.

Glad, Kristin Alve; Thoresen, Siri; Hafstad, Gertrud Sofie; Dyb, Grete. 2018, Journalism Studies. NKVTS, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Imagining What Could Have Happened: Types and Vividness of Counterfactual Thoughts and the Relationship With Post-traumatic Stress Reactions.

Blix, Ines; Kanten, Alf Børre; Birkeland, Marianne Skogbrott; Thoresen, Siri. 2018, Frontiers in Psychology. NKVTS, UIO, BJORKNESVitenskapelig artikkel

Loneliness as a mediator of the relationship between shame and health problems in young people exposed to childhood violence.

Thoresen, Siri; Aakvaag, Helene Flood; Strøm, Ida Frugård; Wentzel-Larsen, Tore; Birkeland, Marianne Skogbrott. 2018, Social Science and Medicine. NKVTS, RBUPVitenskapelig artikkel

Loss of trust may never heal. Institutional trust in disaster victims in a long-term perspective: Associations with social support and mental health.

Thoresen, Siri; Birkeland, Marianne Skogbrott; Wentzel-Larsen, Tore; Blix, Ines. 2018, Frontiers in Psychology. NKVTS, NTNUVitenskapelig artikkel