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Janne Scheffels

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    ved Avdeling for rusmidler og tobakk ved Folkehelseinstituttet



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Alcohol use in adolescence: a qualitative longitudinal study of mediators for drinking and non-drinking.

Buvik, Kristin; Tokle, Rikke; Bilgrei, Ola Røed; Scheffels, Janne. 2021, Drugs: education prevention and policy. FHI, OSLOMETVitenskapelig artikkel

Cannabis, youth and social identity: the evolving meaning of cannabis use in adolescence.

Bilgrei, Ola Røed; Buvik, Kristin; Tokle, Rikke; Scheffels, Janne. 2021, Journal of Youth Studies. FHIVitenskapelig artikkel

The response of smokers to health warnings on packs in the United Kingdom and Norway following the introduction of standardised packaging.

Moodie, Crawford; Best, Catherine; Lund, Ingeborg; Scheffels, Janne; Critchlow, Nathan; Stead, Martine; McNeill, Ann; Hitchman, Sara; Mackintosh, Anne Marie. 2021, Nicotine & Tobacco Research. KCLUOL, FHI, UoSVitenskapelig artikkel

Normalisation of non-drinking? 15–16-year-olds' accounts of refraining from alcohol.

Scheffels, Janne; Buvik, Kristin; Tokle, Rikke Iren; Rossow, Ingeborg. 2020, Drug and Alcohol Review. FHIVitenskapelig artikkel

Standardised snus packaging reduces brand differentiation: a web-based between-subject experiment.

Halkjelsvik, Torleif; Scheffels, Janne. 2019, BMC Public Health. FHIVitenskapelig artikkel
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