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Martin Album Ytre-Eide

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    ved Atmosfære og klima ved NILU - Norsk institutt for luftforskning

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Consequences for Norway from a hypothetical accident at the Sellafield reprocessing plant: Atmospheric transport of radionuclides.

Klein, Heiko; Bartnicki, Jerzy; Brown, Justin; Hosseini, Ali; Lind, Ole Christian; Ytre-Eide, Martin; Salbu, Brit. 2021, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. NMBU, STRÅLEVERN, METVitenskapelig artikkel

Using a chain of models to predict health and environmental impacts in Norway from a hypothetical nuclear accident at the Sellafield site.

Liland, A; Lind, OC; Bartnicki, J; Brown, JE; Dyve, JE; Iosjpe, Mikhail; Klein, H; Lin, Y; Simonsen, M; Strand, P mfl.. 2020, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. NIVA, NMBU, STRÅLEVERN, METVitenskapelig artikkel

Airborne radiometric survey of a Chernobyl-contaminated mountain area in Norway – using ground-level measurements for validation.

Thørring, Håvard; Baranwal, Vikas Chand; Ytre-Eide, Martin; Rønning, Jan Steinar; Mauring, Alexander; Stampolidis, Alexandros; Drefvelin, Jon; Watson, Robin James; Skuterud, Lavrans. 2019, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. NTNU, STRÅLEVERN, NGUVitenskapelig artikkel

Modelling Environmental Impacts of Cesium-137 Under a Hypothetical Release of Radioactive Waste.

Lin, Yan; Couture, Raoul-Marie; Klein, Heiko; Ytre-Eide, Martin Album; Dyve, Jan Erik; Lind, Ole Christian; Bartnicki, Jerzy; Nizzetto, Luca; Butterfield, Daniel; Larssen, Thorjørn mfl.. 2019, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. NIVA, NMBU, UL, STRÅLEVERN, METVitenskapelig artikkel

Atmospheric transport of radioactive debris to Norway in case of a hypothetical accident related to the recovery of the Russian submarine K-27.

Bartnicki, Jerzy; Amundsen, Ingar; Brown, Justin; Hosseini, Ali; Hov, Øystein; Haakenstad, Hilde; Klein, Heiko; Lind, Ole Christian; Salbu, Brit; Wendel, Cato C. Szacinski mfl.. 2016, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. NMBU, STRÅLEVERN, METVitenskapelig artikkel
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