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Trine Waage Rygvold

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    ved Kognitiv- og nevropsykologi ved Universitetet i Oslo

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Sensory-Induced Human LTP-Like Synaptic Plasticity – Using Visual Evoked Potentials to Explore the Relation Between LTP-Like Synaptic Plasticity and Visual Perceptual Learning.

Lengali, Lilly; Hippe, Johannes; Hatlestad-Hall, Christoffer; Rygvold, Trine Waage; Sneve, Markus Handal; Andersson, Stein. 2021, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. UIO, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease: 5-Year Extension Study of a Randomized Trial.

Bjerknes, Silje Kristin; Toft, Mathias; Brandt, Reidun; Rygvold, Trine Waage; Konglund, Ane; Dietrichs, Espen; Andersson, Stein; Skogseid, Inger Marie. 2021, Movement Disorders Clinical Practice. UIO, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

Do visual and auditory stimulus-specific response modulation reflect different mechanisms of neocortical plasticity?

Rygvold, Trine Waage; Hatlestad-Hall, Christoffer; Elvsåshagen, Torbjørn; Moberget, Torgeir; Andersson, Stein. 2020, European Journal of Neuroscience. UIO, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

Multiple microelectrode recordings in STN-DBS surgery for Parkinson's disease: a randomized study.

Bjerknes, Silje Kristin; Toft, Mathias; Konglund, Ane; Pham, Uyen Ha Gia; Waage, Trine Rygvold; Pedersen, Lena; Skjelland, Mona; Haraldsen, Ira Hebold; Andersson, Stein; Dietrichs, Espen mfl.. 2018, Movement Disorders Clinical Practice. UIO, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

Longitudinal and cross-sectional investigations of long-term potentiation-like cortical plasticity in bipolar disorder type II and healthy individuals.

Zak, Nathalia; Moberget, Torgeir; Bøen, Erlend; Boye, Birgitte; Waage, Trine Rygvold; Dietrichs, Espen; Harkestad, Nina; Malt, Ulrik Fredrik; Westlye, Lars Tjelta; Andreassen, Ole Andreas mfl.. 2018, Translational Psychiatry. DIAKONSYK, UIO, OUS, UIBVitenskapelig artikkel
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