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Espen Jettestuen

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    ved IRIS NT ved NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS

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Simulation of capillary-dominated three-phase flow experiments on 3-D bead packs.

Helland, Johan Olav; Friis, Helmer Andre`; Jettestuen, Espen; Paustian, Rebecca Lynn; Wildenschild, Dorthe. 2019, Interpore 2019. OSU, NORCEVitenskapelig foredrag

Micro scale simulation of polymer fluids.

Hetland, Bjarte; Shogin, Dmitry; Jettestuen, Espen; Aursjø, Olav; Hiorth, Aksel. 2019, IOR NORWAY 2019. NORCE, UISPoster

Numerical Modelling of Wettability .

Vinningland, Jan Ludvig; Jettestuen, Espen; Aursjø, Olav; Hiorth, Aksel. 2019, Wettability workshop. NORCE, UISFaglig foredrag

A multiphase level set approach to motion of disconnected fluid ganglia during capillary-dominated three-phase flow in porous media: Numerical validation and applications.

Helland, Johan Olav; Pedersen, Janne; Friis, Helmer Andre`; Jettestuen, Espen. 2019, Chemical Engineering Science. NORCEVitenskapelig artikkel

Simulation of Capillary Trapping in Three-Phase Displacement Using a Locally Conservative Level Set Approach.

Helland, Johan Olav; Jettestuen, Espen; Friis, Helmer Andre`. 2019, Workshop i anledning IOR Norway 2019 . NORCEVitenskapelig foredrag
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