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Harsha Ratnaweera

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    ved Seksjon for bygg og miljøteknikk ved Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet

Resultater Resultater

Analysing consequences of infiltration and inflow water (I/I-water) using cost-benefit analyses.

Sola, Kristin Jenssen; Bjerkholt, Jarle Tommy; Lindholm, Oddvar G.; Ratnaweera, Harsha. 2020, Water Science and Technology. USN, NMBUVitenskapelig artikkel

Real-time monitoring of enhanced biological phosphorus removal in a multistage EBPR-MBBR using a soft-sensor for phosphates.

Muralidharan Nair, Abhilash; Gonzalez Silva, Blanca Magdalena; Haugen, Finn; Ratnaweera, Harsha; Østerhus, Stein Wold. 2020, Journal of Water Process Engineering. USN, NMBU, NTNUVitenskapelig artikkel

Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges in Particle Separation with Coagulation.

Ratnaweera, Harsha. 2020, American Chemical Society (ACS). NMBUVitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel

A cost-effective IoT strategy for remote deployment of soft sensors – a case study on implementing a soft sensor in a multistage MBBR plant.

Muralidharan Nair, Abhilash; Hykkerud, Aleksander; Ratnaweera, Harsha. 2020, Water Science and Technology. NMBUVitenskapelig artikkel

Spectroscopic surrogates for real time monitoring of water quality in wastewater treatment and water reuse.

Korshin, Gregory V.; Sgroi, Massimiliano; Ratnaweera, Harsha. 2018, Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health. NMBU, UoW, UdSdCVitenskapelig oversiktsartikkel/review
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