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Kåre Nonstad

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    ved PH - Kompetansesenteret for sikkerhets, -fengsels- og rettspsykiatri ved St. Olavs Hospital HF

Resultater Resultater

Validation of a brief screening instrument for emotionally unstable and dissocial personality disorder characteristics in community service users With intellectual disabilities.

Søndenaa, Erik; Nonstad, Kåre; Dragsten, Frode; Gravdal, Geir Bjarte. 2017, Open Journal of Social Sciences. STOLAV, NTNUVitenskapelig artikkel

Implementation of the short-term assessment of risk and treatability over two phases.

Kroppan, Erik; Nonstad, Kåre; Iversen, Runar Busch; Søndenaa, Erik. 2017, Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare. STOLAV, NTNUVitenskapelig artikkel

Professional Quality of Life in staff working with forensic and non-forensic LD-services.

Søndenaa, Erik; Nonstad, Kåre. 2014, 14th Int. Conference on the care and treatment of offenders with an intellectual and/or developmental disability. STOLAVVitenskapelig foredrag

Valdation of a brief screening instrument for personality disorder in a specialist healthcare service for people with intellectual disabilities in Norway.

Nonstad, Kåre; Søndenaa, Erik; Taylor, John L; Dragsten, Frode; Gravdal, Geir Bjarte. 2015, EAMHID 10th congress. UoNaN, STOLAV, NTNUVitenskapelig foredrag

Job stress, burnout and job satisfaction in staff working with people with intellectual disabilities: community and criminal justice care.

Søndenaa, Erik; Whittington, Richard; Lauvrud, Christian; Nonstad, Kåre. 2015, Journal of intellectual disabilities and offending behaviour. UoL, STOLAV, NTNUVitenskapelig artikkel
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