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Clas Persson

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    ved Strukturfysikk ved Universitetet i Oslo

Resultater Resultater

First-principles analysis of band offsets, phase stability, and alkali incorporation in (Ag,Cu)(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells.

Sopiha, Kostiantyn; Larsen, Jes; Keller, Jan; Edoff, Marika; Platzer-Björkman, Charlotte; Persson, Clas; Scragg, Jonathan. 2020, APS March Meeting 2020. Uu, UIOVitenskapelig foredrag

Strong interplay between Na-and O-related defects in Cu-based chalcogenides.

Sopiha, Kostiantyn; Grini, Sigbjørn; Platzer-Björkman, Charlotte; Vines, Lasse; Persson, Clas. 2020, APS March Meeting 2020 . Uu, UIOPoster

Chemistry of Oxygen Ionosorption on SnO2 Surfaces.

Sopiha, Kostiantyn; Malyi, Oleksandr; Persson, Clas; Wu, Ping. 2021, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Uu, SUTD, UIO, UoCaBVitenskapelig artikkel

Surface studies of the chemical environment in gold nanorods supported by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and ab initio calculations.

Oliveira, Camila; Ribeiro Chaves, Claudilene; Bargiela, Pascal; da Gracia Carneiro da Ro, Maria; Ferreira da Silva, Antonio; Chubaci, J. f. d.; Boström, Mathias; Persson, Clas; Malta, Marcos. 2021, Journal of Materials Research and Technology (JMR&T). UdSP, UFdU, UFdB, UIO, KThVitenskapelig artikkel

Dependence of the electronic and optical properties of thin film TiO2 film with oxygen partial pressure.

Mendonça, Bianca; Chubaci, J. f. d.; Matsuoka, M.; Ferreira da Silva, Antonio; Zambom, Luis; Mansano, Ronaldo; Freitas, jr., Jaime a.; Persson, Clas. 2021, XXIX International Materials Research Congress. UdSP, UFdB, NRL, UIOVitenskapelig foredrag
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