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Sven Olle Mårten Söderhamn

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    ved Institutt for helse- og sykepleievitenskap ved Universitetet i Agder

Resultater Resultater

Self-care telephone talks as a health-promotion intervention in urban home-living persons 75+ years of age: a randomized controlled study.

Sundsli, Kari; Söderhamn, Ulrika; Espnes, Geir Arild; Söderhamn, Olle. 2014, Clinical Interventions in Aging. NTNU, UIAVitenskapelig artikkel

Experiences faced by next of kin during their older family members' transition into long-term care in a Norwegian nursing home.

Eika, Marianne; Espnes, Geir Arild; Söderhamn, Olle; Hvalvik, Sigrun. 2014, Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN). USN, NTNU, UIAVitenskapelig artikkel

Å være i verden.

Söderhamn, Olle. 2013, Nordisk sygeplejeforskning. UIALeder

Testing reliability and validity of Lorensen’s Self-care Capability Scale (LSCS) among older home-living, care-dependent individuals in Norway.

Dale, Bjørg; Sævareid, Hans Inge; Söderhamn, Olle. 2013, International Journal of Older People Nursing. UIAVitenskapelig artikkel

Participation in physical and social activities among home-dwelling persons with dementia - experiences of next of kin.

Söderhamn, Ulrika; Landmark , Bjørg ; Eriksen, Sissel; Söderhamn, Olle. 2013, Psychology Research and Behavior Management. DRAMMEN, USN, UIAVitenskapelig artikkel
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