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Roswitha Maria Berta King

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    ved Institutt for økonomi, innovasjon og samfunn ved Høgskolen i Østfold

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Economic History of Norway: Are there lessons to be learned?

King, Roswitha Maria Berta. 2019, Open Lecture. HIØFaglig foredrag

Economic History of Norway.

King, Roswitha Maria Berta. 2019, Course: Development Economics. HIØFaglig foredrag

Interdisciplinary Higher Education – Not just a Luxury.

King, Roswitha Maria Berta. 2019, World Education Day Assembly 2019. HIØVitenskapelig foredrag

Does emigration reduce tobacco smoking among those staying behind? Household level evidence from the Western Balkans. .

King, Roswitha Maria Berta; Ivlevs, Artjoms. 2019, 24th Annual ASN World Convention . HIØ, UOTWOEBVitenskapelig foredrag
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