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Åsa Kristina Roxberg

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    ved Fakultet for helsefag ved VID vitenskapelige høgskole

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Competence 1: Intrapersonal Spirituality and Its Impact on Person-Centred Spiritual Care.

Leeuwen, René van; Haugan, Gørill; Rogers, Melanie; Roxberg, Åsa Kristina; Zolnierz, Joanna; Čartolovni, Anto. 2021, Springer. VID, GH, HUD, NORD, NTNU, HV, UoHVitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel

Expressions of vitality affects and basic affects during art therapy and their meaning for inner change.

Holmqvist, Gärd; Roxberg, Åsa Kristina; Larsson, Ingrid; Lundqvist-Persson, Cristina. 2018, International Journal of Art Therapy. HH, VID, SKARABORGVitenskapelig artikkel

Healthy Ageing in Isan-Thai culture- A phenomenographic study based on older persons’ lived experiences.

Manasatchakun, Pornpun; Chotiga, Pleumjit; Roxberg, Åsa Kristina; Asp, Margareta. 2016, International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being. MDHVitenskapelig artikkel

Caring for patients with spinal metastasis during an MRI examination.

Strand, Thomas; Törnqvist, Erna; Rask, Mikael; Roxberg, Åsa Kristina. 2018, Radiography. LNU, LuVitenskapelig artikkel

What art therapists consider to be patients´ inner change and how it may appear during art therapy.

Holmqvist, Gärd; Roxberg, Åsa Kristina; Larsson, Ingrid; Lundqvist Persson, Christina. 2017, The Arts in Psychotherapy. HH, SKARABORGVitenskapelig artikkel
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