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Cecilia Askham

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    ved NORSUS: Norsk institutt for bærekraftsforskning

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OR.08.21 Integration of plastic littering in LCA methodology and eco-design tips for the avoidance of littering.

de Sadeleer, Irmeline; Askham, Cecilia; Elstad Stensgård, Aina; Baxter, John. 2021, ØSTFORSKRapport

How Can Risk Assessment Data for Micro- and NanoPlastics Contaminations Be Generated in a Way That Is Useful for the Development of LCIA Models?

Askham, Cecilia; Pauna, Valentina; Boulay, Anne-Marie; Fantke, Peter; Jolliet, Olivier; Lavoie, Jerome; Booth, Andy; Coutris, Claire; Verones, Francesca; Weber, Miriam mfl.. 2021, SETAC Europe 31st Annual Meeting (2021). NIBIO, UIT, ØSTFORSK, NIVA, OCEANVitenskapelig foredrag

Plast og bærekraft.

Askham, Cecilia. 2021, Borge Soroptimistklubb medlemsmøte. ØSTFORSKPopulærvitenskapelig foredrag

The SirkulærPlast project: realising circular innovation in Norway.

Askham, Cecilia. 2021, Circular Materials Conference 2021. ØSTFORSKVitenskapelig foredrag

Presentation of Task 1.2.

Askham, Cecilia. 2020, PacKnoPlast prosjektmøte. ØSTFORSKFaglig foredrag
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