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Cecilia Askham

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    ved NORSUS: Norsk institutt for bærekraftsforskning

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How Can Risk Assessment Data for Micro- and NanoPlastics Contaminations Be Generated in a Way That Is Useful for the Development of LCIA Models?

Askham, Cecilia; Pauna, Valentina; Boulay, Anne-Marie; Fantke, Peter; Jolliet, Olivier; Lavoie, Jerome; Booth, Andy; Coutris, Claire; Verones, Francesca; Weber, Miriam mfl.. 2021, SETAC Europe 31st Annual Meeting (2021). NIBIO, UIT, ØSTFORSK, NIVA, OCEANVitenskapelig foredrag

Plast og bærekraft.

Askham, Cecilia. 2021, Borge Soroptimistklubb medlemsmøte. ØSTFORSKPopulærvitenskapelig foredrag

The SirkulærPlast project: realising circular innovation in Norway.

Askham, Cecilia. 2021, Circular Materials Conference 2021. ØSTFORSKVitenskapelig foredrag

Presentation of Task 1.2.

Askham, Cecilia. 2020, PacKnoPlast prosjektmøte. ØSTFORSKFaglig foredrag

The impact of technological advances on human response to earth’s change - NORSUS.

Askham, Cecilia. 2021, SirkulærPlast konferansen. ØSTFORSKPopulærvitenskapelig foredrag
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