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Turid Suzanne Berg-Nielsen

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Utviklingspsykologi • Psykiatri, barnepsykiatri • Klinisk psykologi

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Correction to: Maternal personality disorder symptoms in primary health care: associations with mother–toddler interactions at one-year follow-up.

Høivik, Magnhild Singstad; Lydersen, Stian; Ranøyen, Ingunn; Berg-Nielsen, Turid Suzanne. 2018, BMC Psychiatry. STOLAV, NTNU, RBUPErrata

Measuring mothers' representations of their infants: Psychometric properties of the clinical scales of the working model of the child interview in a low- to moderate-risk sample.

Sandnes, Kjersti; Lydersen, Stian; Berg Kårstad, Silja; Berg-Nielsen, Turid Suzanne. 2021, Infant Mental Health Journal. NTNUVitenskapelig artikkel

Promoting the Quality of Teacher-Toddler Interactions: A Randomized Controlled Trial of “Thrive by Three” In-Service Professional Development in 187 Norwegian Toddler Classrooms.

Buøen, Elisabet Solheim; Lekhal, Ratib; Lydersen, Stian; Berg-Nielsen, Turid Suzanne; Drugli, May Britt. 2021, Frontiers in Psychology. HINN, BI, NTNU, UIO, RBUPVitenskapelig artikkel

Adolescents' mental health concerns, reported with an idiographic assessment tool.

Tollefsen, Thomas Kristian; Darrow, Sabrina Michelle; Neumer, Simon-Peter; Berg-Nielsen, Turid Suzanne. 2020, BMC Psychology. NTNU, UIO, RBUP, UoCSFVitenskapelig artikkel

A model of intervention and implementation of quality building and quality control in childcare centers to strengthen the mental health and development of 1-3-year olds: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial of thrive by three.

Lekhal, Ratib; Drugli, May Britt; Berg-Nielsen, Turid Suzanne; Buøen, Elisabet Solheim. 2020, JMIR Research Protocols. HINN, BI, NTNU, UIO, RBUPVitenskapelig artikkel
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