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Kirsti Hjelde

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    ved Ernæring og fôrteknologi ved NOFIMA

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Mineral balance and bone formation in fast-growing Atlantic salmon parr (Salmo salar) in response to dissolved metabolic carbon dioxide and restricted dietary phosphorus supply.

Helland, Synnøve; Refstie, Ståle; Espmark, Åsa Maria Olofsdotter; Hjelde, Kirsti; Bæverfjord, Grete. 2005, Aquaculture. NOFIMAVitenskapelig artikkel

Temperature affects the expression of genes involved in the mineralization process of the spinal column in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar).

Ytteborg, Elisabeth; Bæverfjord, Grete; Hjelde, Kirsti; Torgersen, Jacob; Takle, Harald Rune. 2009, Bone. NOFIMASammendrag/abstract

Towards a classification and an understanding of developmental relationships of vertebral body malformations in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.).

Witten, P. Eckhard; Gil-Martens, Laura; Huysseune, Ann; Takle, Harald Rune; Hjelde, Kirsti. 2009, Aquaculture. UG, AVSCHILE, NOFIMA, HAVFORSKVitenskapelig artikkel

Rib and vertebral deformities in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) explained by a dominant-mutation mechanism.

Gislason, Hannes; Karstensen, Helena; Christiansen, Debes; Hjelde, Kirsti; Helland, Synnøve; Bæverfjord, Grete. 2010, Aquaculture. FÆRØYENE, HAV, NOFIMAVitenskapelig artikkel

Development of gas bubble disease in juvenile Atlantic salmon exposed to water supersaturated with oxygen.

Espmark, Åsa Maria Olofsdotter; Hjelde, Kirsti; Bæverfjord, Grete. 2010, Aquaculture. NOFIMAVitenskapelig artikkel
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