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Henrik Urdal

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    ved PRIO - Institutt for fredsforskning

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How Does Organized Violence Affect the Chances of Giving Birth at a Health Facility?

Østby, Gudrun; Urdal, Henrik; Tollefsen, Andreas Forø; Kotsadam, Andreas; Belbo, Ragnhild; M. Ormhaug, Christin. 2018, FRISCH, NMBU, PRIORapport

Urban Social Disorder: An Update.

Bahgat, Karim; Buhaug, Halvard; Urdal, Henrik. 2018, PRIORapport

Ethnic Census-Taking, Instability, and Armed Conflict.

Strand, Håvard; Urdal, Henrik; Côté, Isabelle M.. 2018, Routledge. MUN, UIO, PRIOVitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel

The Evolving Role of Traditional Birth Attendants in Maternal Health in Post-Conflict Africa: A Qualitative Study of Burundi and Northern Uganda.

Chi, Primus Che; Urdal, Henrik. 2018, SAGE Open Medicine. PRIO, KIVitenskapelig artikkel

Does Education Lead to Pacification? A Systematic Review of Statistical Studies on Education and Political Violence.

Østby, Gudrun; Urdal, Henrik; Dupuy, Kendra. 2018, Review of Educational Research. PRIOVitenskapelig artikkel
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