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Kristian Skrede Gleditsch

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    ved PRIO - Institutt for fredsforskning


International Conventions and Nonstate Actors: Selection, Signaling, and Reputation Effects.

Skrede Gleditsch, Kristian; Hug, Simon; Schubiger, Livia Isabella; Wucherpfennig, Julian. 2018, Journal of Conflict Resolution. ETHZ, UZ, UdG, UoE, PRIO, UCL, LSEVitenskapelig artikkel

The shape of things to come? Expanding the inequality and grievance model for civil war forecasts with event data.

Chiba, Daina; Skrede Gleditsch, Kristian. 2017, Journal of Peace Research. UoE, PRIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Predicting the decline of ethnic civil war: Was Gurr right and for the right reasons?

Cederman, Lars-Erik; Skrede Gleditsch, Kristian; Wucherpfennig, Julian. 2017, Journal of Peace Research. ETHZ, HSOG, UoE, PRIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Words and Deeds: From Incompatibilities to Outcomes in Anti-Government Disputes.

Cunningham, David; Skrede Gleditsch, Kristian; González, Belén; Vidovic, Dragana; White, Peter B.. 2017, Journal of Peace Research. UNIVMARYL, UoE, PRIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Ornithology and varieties of conflict: A personal retrospective on conflict forecasting.

Skrede Gleditsch, Kristian. 2017, Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy. UoE, PRIOVitenskapelig artikkel