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Helena Seibicke

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    ved Stab - ISV ved Universitetet i Oslo

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Taking the citizen out of citizen participation?

Seibicke, Helena. 2022, Webinar Politics & Governance Special Issue "Analyzing Citizen Engagement with European Politics through Social Media". UIOPopulærvitenskapelig foredrag

Taking the ‘citizen’ out of ‘citizen participation’? The discursive, legal and practical challenges of reconstructing citizen-driven EU contestation in the digital media sphere.

Seibicke, Helena. 2021, Analyzing Citizen Engagement with European Politics through Social Media. UIOVitenskapelig foredrag

The Challenges of Reconstructing Citizen-Driven EU Contestation in the Digital Media Sphere.

Seibicke, Helena; Michailidou, Asimina. 2022, Politics and Governance. UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Gender Expertise in Public Policymaking: The European Women’s Lobby and the EU Maternity Leave Directive.

Seibicke, Helena. 2020, Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State and Society. UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

The role of civil society in communicating Europe.

Seibicke, Helena. 2019, EESC's 13th Civil Society Media Seminar . Vitenskapelig foredrag
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