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Ana Maria Delgado Aleman

  • Stilling:
    ved TIK-senteret ved Universitetet i Oslo

Resultater Resultater

Cultures of documentation, ownership and the multiple ways of open biology.

Delgado , Ana . 2021, RustLab. Ruhr University Lecture series on data experimentalism. UIOVitenskapelig foredrag

Acting responsibly through openness? Reflections on open science. .

Delgado , Ana . 2021, ERA CoBioTech Biotechnology & Society Seminar Series . UIOFaglig foredrag

Creole interferences: a conflict over biodiversity and ownership in the South of Brazil.

Delgado , Ana ; Rodriguez-Giralt, Israel. 2014, UIOFaglig kapittel

STANDARDISATION IN SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY: A WHITE BOOK state-of-the-art and recommendations for policy makers.

Delgado , Ana ; Porcar, Manuel; Ordozgoiti, Elena; Baldwin, Geoff; de Lorenzo, Victor; Ríos, Leonardo; Elfick, Alistair; Schyfter, Pablo; Garfinkel, Michele; Pei, Lei. 2021, UIOUtstillingskatalog

Open Science: Standards and Reusability.

Delgado , Ana . 2021, UIORapport
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