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Marielle Christiansen

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    ved Institutt for industriell økonomi og teknologiledelse ved Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet

Resultater Resultater

An exact solution method for the pollution routing problem.

Stålhane, Magnus; Range, Troels Martin; Christiansen, Marielle. 2019, VeRoLog 2019. NTNUVitenskapelig foredrag

The Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows and Occasional Drivers.

Dahle, Lars; Andersson, Henrik; Christiansen, Marielle; Speranza, M. Grazia. 2019, Computers & Operations Research. NTNUVitenskapelig artikkel

Green Tramp Shipping Routing and Scheduling: Effects of Market-Based Measures on CO2 Reduction.

Wang, Xin; Norstad, Inge; Fagerholt, Kjetil; Christiansen, Marielle. 2019, Springer Nature. OCEAN, NTNUVitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel

Comparing techniques for modelling uncertainty in a maritime inventory routing problem.

Rodrigues, Filipe; Agra, Agostinho; Christiansen, Marielle; Hvattum, Lars Magnus; Requejo, Cristina. 2019, European Journal of Operational Research. UdA, NTNU, HIMVitenskapelig artikkel

An exact solution method for the shortest path problem with speed optimization.

Range, Troels Martin; Christiansen, Marielle; Stålhane, Magnus. 2018, Route 2018. NTNUVitenskapelig foredrag
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  • 2014 - 2013 Glover-Klingman Prize for the best paper published in Networks in 2013