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John Erik Fornæss

  • Stilling:
    Professor emeritus
    ved Institutt for matematiske fag ved Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet

Resultater Resultater

A non-strictly pseudoconvex domain for which the squeezing function tends to 1 towards the boundary.

Fornæss, John Erik; Wold, Erlend Fornæss. 2018, Pacific Journal of Mathematics. NTNU, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Estimate of the squeezing function for a class of bounded domains.

Fornæss, John Erik; Rong, Feng. 2018, Mathematische Annalen . NTNU, SJTUVitenskapelig artikkel

Several Complex Variables: Proceedings of the Mittag-Leffler Institute, 1987-1988.

Fornæss, John Erik. 1993, Princeton University Press. PUVitenskapelig antologi/Konferanseserie

Boundary behavior of the Bergman metric.

Diederich, K; Fornæss, John Erik. 2018, Asian Journal of Mathematics. BU, NTNUVitenskapelig artikkel

Comparison of invariant metrics and distances on strongly pseudoconvex domains and worm domains.

Bracci, Filippo; Fornæss, John Erik; Wold, Erlend Fornæss. 2018, Mathematische Zeitschrift. UdSdRTV, NTNU, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel
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