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Self-reported health in Patients on or at Risk of sick leave due to depression and anxiety: Validity of the EQ-5D.

Sandin, Kenneth; Shields, Gemma E.; Gjengedal, Ragne Gunnarsdatter Hole; Osnes, Kåre; Bjørndal, Marianne Tranberg; Hjemdal, Odin. 2021, Frontiers in Psychology. UoM, DIAKONSYK, NTNUVitenskapelig artikkel

Sick leave and return to work for patients with anxiety and depression: A longitudinal study of trajectories before, during and after work-focused treatment.

Sandin, Kenneth; Anyan, Frederick; Osnes, Kåre; Gjengedal, Ragne Gunnarsdatter Hole; Leversen, Jonas Sigurd Risberg; Reme, Silje Endresen; Hjemdal, Odin. 2021, BMJ Open. DIAKONSYK, NTNU, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Exposure to bullying behaviours, resilience, and return to work self-efficacy in patients with common mental disorders.

Aarestad, Sarah Helene; Harris, Anette Kristoffersen; Einarsen, Ståle Valvatne; Gjengedal, Ragne Gunnarsdatter Hole; Osnes, Kåre; Hannisdal, Marit; Hjemdal, Odin. 2021, Industrial Health. DIAKONSYK, NTNU, UIBVitenskapelig artikkel

The Return-to-Work Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (RTW-SE): A validation study of predictive abilities and cut-off values for patients on sick leave due to anxiety or depression. .

Gjengedal, Ragne Gunnarsdatter Hole; Lagerfeld, Suzanne E.; Reme, Silje Endresen; Osnes, Kåre; Sandin, Kenneth; Hjemdal, Odin. 2021, Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation. DIAKONSYK, NTNU, UIO, NEDERLANDVitenskapelig artikkel

Clinical characteristics of patients seeking treatment for common mental disorders presenting with workplace bullying experiences. .

Aarestad, Sarah Helene; Einarsen, Ståle; Hjemdal, Odin; Gjengedal, Ragne Gunnarsdatter Hole; Osnes, Kåre; Sandin, Kenneth; Hannisdal, Marit; Bjørndal, Marianne Tranberg; Harris, Anette. 2020, Frontiers in Psychology. DIAKONSYK, NTNU, UIBVitenskapelig artikkel
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