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Erik Lønnmark Werner

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    ved Avdeling for allmennmedisin ved Universitetet i Oslo

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Sick leave assessments of workers with subjective health complaints: a cross-sectional study on differences among physicians working in occupational health care.

Weerdesteijn, Kristel H.N.; Schaafsma, Frederieke G.; van der Beek, Allard J.; Merkus, Suzanne; Mæland, Silje; Hoedeman, Rob; Lissenberg-Witte, Birgit I.; Werner, Erik Lønnmark; Anema, Johannes R. 2019, Disability and Rehabilitation. NORCE, UIO, NEDERLAND, VUMCVitenskapelig artikkel

The capacity to work puzzle: A qualitative study of physicians' assessments for patients with common mental disorders.

Bertilsson, Monica; Mæland, Silje; Love, John Michael; Ahlborg, Gunnar; Werner, Erik Lønnmark; Hensing, Gunnel. 2018, BMC Family Practice. NORCE, UIO, SA, Gu, HVLVitenskapelig artikkel

A focus group study to understand biases and confounders in a cluster randomized controlled trial on low back pain in primary care in Norway.

Werner, Erik Lønnmark; Løchting, Ida; Storheim, Kjersti; Grotle, Margreth. 2018, BMC Family Practice. OSLOMET, UIO, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

Does it really work? Evaluation of a best practice initiative on back pain at a local hospital.

Werner, Erik Nicolay Blix; Myhre, Kjersti; Werner, Erik Lønnmark. 2017, XV International Forum for Back & Neck pain research in primary care. UIO, OUSPoster

Identification of indirect effects in a Cognitive Patient Education (COPE) intervention for low back pain.

Mansell, Gemma; Storheim, Kjersti; Løchting, Ida; Werner, Erik Lønnmark; Grotle, Margreth. 2017, Physical Therapy. NORCE, OSLOMET, UIO, KU, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel
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