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Hong Li

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    ved Meteorologisk institutt

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Investing in Urban Blue–Green Infrastructure—Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Stormwater Management in a Peri-Urban Catchment in Oslo, Norway.

Wilbers, Gert-Jan; de Bruin, Karianne; Seifert-Dähnn, Isabel; Lekkerkerk, Wiebe; Li, Hong; Budding-Polo Ballinas, Monserrat. 2022, Sustainability. NIVA, NIOO-KNAW, WUR, UIO, METVitenskapelig artikkel

Why scale is vital to plan optimal Nature-Based Solutions for resilient cities.

Hutchins, MG; Fletcher, D; Hagen-Zanker, A; Jia, H; Jones, L; Li, H; Loiselle, S; Miller, J; Reis, S; Seifert-Dähnn, Isabel mfl.. 2021, Environmental Research Letters. TU, KINA, NIVA, CEH, UoS, STORBRITAN, UIO, UoEVitenskapelig artikkel

Exploring Copula-based Bayesian Model Averaging with multiple ANNs for PM2.5 ensemble forecasts.

Zhou, Yanlai; Chang, Fi-John; Chen, Hua; Li, Hong. 2020, Journal of Cleaner Production. UIO, NTU, WUVitenskapelig artikkel

Urban flood modeling of a partially separated and combined drainage system in the Grefsen basin in Oslo, Norway .

Li, Hong; Gao, Hongkai; Zhou, Yanlai; Storteig, Ina Cecilie; Nie, Linmei; Sælthun, Nils Roar; Xu, Chong-Yu. 2020, Journal of Water Management Modelling. UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

New Water Ways-Sustainable Urban Water Management.

Li, Hong. 2019, The International Symposium of Hydrological Sciences and High-efficiency Water Resources Utilization under the Changing Environment (ISHW-2019). UIOVitenskapelig foredrag
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