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Lotte Thomsen

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    ved Metode, arbeids-, kultur- og sosialpsyk ved Universitetet i Oslo

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The boss is not always right: Norwegian preschoolers do not selectively endorse the testimony of a novel dominant agent.

Fonn, Erik Kjos; Zahl, Joakim Haugane; Thomsen, Lotte. 2021, Child Development. AU, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Motivated moral judgments about freedom of speech are constrained by a need to maintain consistency.

Eftedal, Nikloai Haahjem; Thomsen, Lotte. 2021, Cognition. AU, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Moved by Observing the Love of Others: Kama Muta Evoked Through Media Fosters Humanization of Out-Groups.

Blomster, Johanna Katarina; Thomsen, Lotte; Seibt, Beate. 2020, Frontiers in Psychology. AU, UIO, ICSTE-IULVitenskapelig artikkel

Social Dominance Orientation(SDO).

Kleppestø, Thomas Haarklau; Eftedal, Nikolai Haahjem; Thomsen, Lotte. 2019, UIOVitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel

Engaging in extreme activism in support of others’ political struggles: The role of politically motivated fusion with out-groups.

Kunst, Jonas R.; Boos, Beverly Karen; Y. Kimel, Sasha; Obaidi, Milan; Shani, Maor; Thomsen, Lotte. 2018, PLOS ONE. UIOVitenskapelig artikkel
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