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Adriana Krolicka

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A simple and selective electrochemical magneto-assay for sea lice eDNA detection developed with a Quality by Design approach.

Bettazzi, Francesca; Orlandini, Serena; Zhang, Luna; Laschi, Serena; Nilsen, Mari Mæland; Krolicka, Adriana; Baussant, Thierry; Palchetti, Ilaria. 2021, Science of the Total Environment. NORCE, UdSdF, UISVitenskapelig artikkel

Metatranscriptomic Analysis of Oil-Exposed Seawater Bacterial Communities Archived by an Environmental Sample Processor (ESP).

Knapik, Kamila; Bagi, Andrea; Krolicka, Adriana; Baussant, Thierry. 2020, Microorganisms. NORCEVitenskapelig artikkel

qPCR-based assessment of microfaunal indicators of oil for monitoring benthos around oil and gas platforms.

Krollicka, Adriana; Gomiero, Alessio; Baussant, Thierry. 2020, Science of the Total Environment. NORCEVitenskapelig artikkel

Miljø-DNA som biosikkerhetsverktøy .

Vrålstad, Trude; Strand, David; Nilsen, Arve; Rusch, Johannes; Johnsen, Stein Ivar; Riborg, Andreas Ekroll; Colquhoun, Duncan John; Nielsen, Kristoffer Vale; Baussant, Thierry; Krollicka, Adriana mfl.. 2020, Akvaveterinærenes høstkurs. VETINST, NORCE, DTU, NINA, VAXXINOVA, UIS, UIBFaglig foredrag

Identification of microbial key-indicators of oil contamination at sea through tracking of oil biotransformation: An Arctic Field and Laboratory study.

Krollicka, Adriana; Boccadoro, Catherine; Nilsen, Mari Mæland; Demi-Hilton, Elif; Birch, Jim; Preston, Christina; Scholin, Christopher; Baussant, Thierry. 2019, Science of the Total Environment. NORCE, MBARIVitenskapelig artikkel
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