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Trond Mannseth

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A Novel Multilevel Method For Assimilating Spatially Dense Data.

Fossum, Kristian; Mannseth, Trond. 2018, ECMOR XVI. NORCEPoster

A novel multilevel method for assimilating spatially dense data.

Fossum, Kristian; Mannseth, Trond. 2018, 13th International EnKF Workshop. NORCEVitenskapelig foredrag

Assimilating spatially dense data for subsurface applications - balancing information and degrees of freedom.

Mannseth, Trond; Fossum, Kristian. 2018, Computational Geosciences. NORCEVitenskapelig artikkel

Identification of geothermal reservoirs from ensemble-based Bayesian inversion of 3D MT data.

Tveit, Svenn; Mannseth, Trond. 2018, SEG technical program expanded abstracts. NORCESammendrag/abstract

Joint utilization of geophysical data types, with application to monitoring of CO2 injection in the Skade formation.

Tveit, Svenn; Mannseth, Trond; Park, Joonsang; Sauvin, Guillaume; Agersborg, Remy. 2018, 13TH INTERNATIONAL ENKF WORKSHOP. NGI, NORCEVitenskapelig foredrag
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