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Eric Christian Suter

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    ved NORCE Energi ved NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS

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Multi-purpose Workflow for Effective 3D Geomodelling and Simulation .

Suter, Erich Christian. 2019, Reservoir Characterization Conference. NORCEPoster

Ensemble-based Decision-Support Workflow for Operational Geosteering .

Alyaev, Sergey; Suter, Erich Christian; Bratvold, Reidar B; Vefring, Erlend; Jahani, Nazanin. 2019, Reservoir Characterization Conference. NORCE, NTNUPoster

Towards 3D geomodel decision support while geosteering.

Suter, Erich Christian; Alyaev, Sergey. 2019, Formation Evaluation and Geosteering Workshop. NORCEPoster

A Geosteeering Decision Support System that Balances Recovery and Drilling Risks.

Alyaev, Sergey; Daireaux, Benoit; Suter, Erich Christian; Hong, Aojie; Bratvold, Reidar B; Luo, Xiaodong; Fossum, Kristian. 2019, Formation Evaluation and Geosteering Workshop. NORCE, NTNU, UISVitenskapelig foredrag

Realtime multi-objective optimization of well trajectory under geological uncertainty.

Jahani, Nazanin; Suter, Erich Christian; Daireaux, Benoit; Bratvold, Reidar B; Hong, Aojie; Luo, Xiaodong; Fossum, Kristian; Alyaev, Sergey. 2019, ICIAM 2019 Congress. NORCE, NTNU, UISVitenskapelig foredrag
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