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Lisa Kolden Midtbø

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Effects of Two Weekly Servings of Cod for 16 weeks in Pregnancy on Maternal Iodine Status and Infant Neurodevelopment: Mommy's Food, a Randomized-Controlled Trial.

Markhus, Maria Wik; Hysing, Mari; Midtbø, Lisa Kolden; Nerhus, Ive; Næss, Synnøve; Aakre, Inger; Kvestad, Ingrid; Dahl, Lisbeth; Kjellevold, Marian. 2020, Thyroid. NORCE, HAVFORSK, UIBVitenskapelig artikkel

Belly flap from Norwegian spring-spawning herring (Clupea harengus L.): A potentially new product with high content of vitamin D, EPA and DHA.

Kjerstad, Margareth; Larssen, Wenche Merete Emblem; Midtbø, Lisa Kolden. 2020, Heliyon. MFVitenskapelig artikkel

Iodine and Mercury Content in Raw, Boiled, Pan-Fried, and Oven-Baked Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua).

Dahl, Lisbeth Jane; Duinker, Arne; Næss, Synnøve; Markhus, Maria Wik; Aakre, Inger; Nerhus, Ive; Midtbø, Lisa Kolden; Kjellevold, Marian. 2020, Foods. HAVFORSKVitenskapelig artikkel

Effects of seafood consumption on mercury exposure in Norwegian pregnant women: a randomized controlled trial.

Næss, Synnøve; Kjellevold, Marian; Dahl, Lisbeth Jane; Nerhus, Ive; Midtbø, Lisa Kolden; Bank, Michael; Rasinger, Josef Daniel; Markhus, Maria Wik. 2020, Environment International. UoMaA, HAVFORSKVitenskapelig artikkel

Vitamin D status in preschool children and its relations to vitamin D sources and body mass index—Fish Intervention Studies-KIDS (FINS-KIDS).

Midtbø, Lisa Kolden; Nygaard, Lena B.; Wik, Maria; Kjellevold, Marian; Lie, Øyvind; Dahl, Lisbeth; Kvestad, Ingrid; Frøyland, Livar; Graff, Ingvild Eide; Øyen, Jannike. 2019, Nutrition - The International Journal of Applied and Basic Nutritional Sciences. NORCE, FISKERIDIR, HAVFORSKVitenskapelig artikkel
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