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Thale-Kristin Stalenget

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    ved Institutt for pedagogikk ved Universitetet i Agder

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Being and Not-Being at NERA. Towards Research Practices Responsive to Planetary Capacity.

Beck, Eevi Elisabeth; Stalenget, Thale Kristin; Lie, Elin Rødahl; Steier, Rolf. 2020, NERA 2020: Rethinking the futures of education in the Nordic countries. UIOPoster

“Right-Wing Radical” Is an Empty Category; The Need for More Precise Terminology in Extremism Research.

Gule, Lars; Stalenget, Thale Kristin. 2018, Nordic conference on violent extremism: Theory and Practice – 2018 . OSLOMETVitenskapelig foredrag
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