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Marie Syre Wiig

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Degradation Analysis of Utility-Scale PV Plants in Different Climate Zones.

Adler, Scott W.; Wiig, Marie Syre; Skomedal, Åsmund; Haug, Halvard; Marstein, Erik Stensrud. 2020, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. UoCD, IFEVitenskapelig artikkel

Hydrogen-related defects measured by infrared spectroscopy in multicrystalline silicon wafers throughout an illuminated annealing process.

Weiser, Philip Michael; Monakhov, Eduard; Haug, Halvard; Wiig, Marie Syre; Søndenå, Rune. 2020, Journal of Applied Physics. IFE, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Investigation of the Influence of Solar Cell Processing on Structural Defects in HPMC-Si Wafers by Photoluminescence Image Analysis.

Haug, Halvard; Wiig, Marie Syre; Søndenå, Rune; Ryningen, Birgit; Stokkan, Gaute; Mjøs, Øyvind. 2019, EUPVSEC 2019. SINTEF, IFE, UIOVitenskapelig foredrag

A high-accuracy calibration method for temperature dependent photoluminescence imaging.

Kristensen, Sissel Tind; Nie, Shuai; Wiig, Marie Syre; Haug, Halvard; Berthod, Charly; Strandberg, Rune; Hameiri, Ziv. 2019, AIP Conference Proceedings. IFE, UNSW, UIAVitenskapelig artikkel

Evolution of defect densities with height in a HPMC-SI ingot.

Søndenå, Rune; Haug, Halvard; You, Chang Chuan; Zhu, Junjie; Wiig, Marie Syre. 2019, AIP Conference Proceedings. IFEVitenskapelig artikkel
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