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Ingebjørg Irgens

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    ved Sunnaas sykehus HF


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Ingebjørg Irgens


Senior physician at Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hspital, Research Department Phd- candidate at University of Oslo


Ingebjørg Irgens


Avdelingsoverlege Forskningsavdelingen, Sunnaas sykehus HF Phd- stipendiat ved UiO

Resultater Resultater

No need to worry about virtual teaching.

Irgens, Ingebjørg; Bloom, Ona. 2021, Spinal Cord Series and Cases. SUNNAAS, USA, UIOVitenskapelig oversiktsartikkel/review

Optimal management of health care for persons with disability related to spinal cord injury: learning from the Sunnaas model of telerehabilitation.

Irgens, Ingebjørg; Bach, Bodil; Rekand, Tiina; Tornås, Sveinung. 2020, Spinal Cord Series and Cases. SUNNAAS, HAUKELAND, UIO, Gu, DIVNORSKVitenskapelig oversiktsartikkel/review

Spinal cord injury and development of pressure injury during acute rehabilitation in Norway: a national retrospective cross-sectional study.

Irgens, Ingebjørg; Hoff, Jana Midelfart; Jelnes, Rolf; Alexander, Marcalee; Stanghelle, Johan K; Thoresen, Magne; Rekand, Tiina. 2020, Spinal Cord. VID, SUNNAAS, HAUKELAND, UoAaB, UIO, SSJ, Gu, HMSVitenskapelig artikkel

Hospital based care at home; Study protocol for a mixed epidemiological and randomized controlled trial.

Irgens, Ingebjørg; Hoff, Jana Midelfart; Sørli, Hilde; Haugland, Hanne; Stanghelle, Johan K; Rekand, Tiina. 2019, Trials. SUNNAAS, HAUKELAND, UIO, SAVitenskapelig artikkel

Intermittent mild negative pressure applied to the lower limb in patients with spinal cord injury and chronic lower limb ulcers: A crossover pilot study.

Heiberg Sundby, Øivind; Irgens, Ingebjørg; Høiseth, Lars Øivind; Mathiesen, Iacob; Lundgaard, Eivind; Haugland, Hanne; Weedon-Fekjær, Harald; Sundhagen, Jon Otto; Sandbæk, Gunnar; Hisdal, Jonny. 2018, Spinal Cord. SUNNAAS, OTIVIO, UIO, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel
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