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Carlos Duque Calvache

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    ved Institutt for geofag ved Universitetet i Oslo

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Groundwater salinity during 500 years of anthropogenic-driven coastline changes in the Motril-Salobre?a aquifer (South East Spain).

Duque, Carlos; Olsen, Jonas Thu; Sanchez-Ubeda, Juan Pedro; Calvache, Maria Luisa. 2019, Environmental Earth Sciences. AU, UdG, UIO, RAMBØLLVitenskapelig artikkel

Estimating groundwater discharge to surface waters using heat as a tracer in low flux environments: The role of thermal conductivity.

Duque, Carlos; Müller, Sascha; Sebok, Eva; Haider, Kinza; Engesgaard, Peter. 2016, Hydrological Processes. KU, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Evaluation of Analytical Methods to Study Aquifer Properties with Pumping Tests in Coastal Aquifers with Numerical Modelling (Motril-Salobreña Aquifer).

Calvache, M.L.; Sanchez-Ubeda, J.P.; Duque, Carlos; Lopez-Chicano, M.; de la Torre, B.. 2015, Water resources management. UdG, UIO, UdMVitenskapelig artikkel

Detecting groundwater discharge dynamics from point-to-catchment scale in a lowland stream: Combining hydraulic and tracer methods.

Poulsen, John R.; Sebok, E.; Duque, Carlos; Tetzlaff, D.; Engesgaard, P.K.. 2015, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. AU, UoA, UIO, KUVitenskapelig artikkel
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