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Tamsin Jillian Meaney


Tamsin Meaney is professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. She was previously professor at Malmø University in Sweden but has also worked as a mathematics teacher educator in Australia and New Zealand. Her research interests are varied but focus primarily on social justice issues connected to the impact of mathematics education on children´s lives.


Tamsin Jillian Meaney

Resultater Resultater

Using digital tools in language diverse mathematics classrooms.

Rangnes, Toril Eskeland; Meaney, Tamsin Jillian. 2022, 12th Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME12). HIØ, UIBVitenskapelig foredrag

Preservice teachers’ views on programming as part of their professional identity as mathematics teachers.

Kaufmann, Odd Tore; Maugesten, Marianne; Meaney, Tamsin Jillian. 2022, Forskergruppesamling. HIØ, UIBVitenskapelig foredrag

Writing reviews: perspectives from the editors of Educational Studies in Mathematics.

Mesa, Vilma; Bakker, Arthur; Venkat, Hamsa; Wagner, David; Bikner-Ahsbahs, Angelika; FitzSimons, Gail; Gutiérrez, Ángel; Meaney, Tamsin Jillian; Prediger, Susanne; Radford, Luis mfl.. 2021, Educational Studies in Mathematics. UU, TU, UdV, UNB, UOMA, LU, UCLL, MELB, UB, HVL, UOTWJLeder

Issues with using Activity Theory to understand how Master students view their research skills as contributing to their future teaching.

Fosse, Trude; Lange, Troels; Meaney, Tamsin Jillian. 2022, CERME12. HVLVitenskapelig foredrag

“My parents are pretty pleased with my maths”: students’ navigation of identity stories about mathematics.

Ingram, Naomi; Meaney, Tamsin Jillian. 2021, Research in Mathematics Education. UoO, HVLVitenskapelig artikkel
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