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Aktiv cristin-person Ying Guo

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    ved Institutt for energiressurser ved Universitetet i Stavanger
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    ved NORCE Energi ved NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS

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Near-wellbore simulation of autonomous inflow control devices completion: Comparing computational fluid dynamics with conventional reservoir simulation.

Moreira, Rodrigo Peralta Muniz; Girardi, Vinicius; Ropelato, Karolline; Kollbotn, Lars; Guo, Ying; Erlandsen, Sigurd. 2020, Multiphase Science and Technology. NORCE, BRASIL, EQU, LUVitenskapelig artikkel

Improved Oil Recovery Technology webinar.

Guo, Ying. 2020, Improved Oil Recovery Technology webinar, NORWEP. UISPopulærvitenskapelig foredrag

Joining Forces to Recover More.

Guo, Ying. 2020, Presentasjon for NPF Stavanger. UISPopulærvitenskapelig foredrag

Effects of permeability on CO2 dissolution and convection at reservoir temperature and pressure conditions: A visualization study.

Amarasinghe, Widuramina Sameendranath; Fjelde, Ingebret; Rydland, Jan-Åge; Guo, Ying. 2020, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control. NORCE, UISVitenskapelig artikkel

Understanding of CO2 dissolution in water/oil by convection driven mixing and wettability alteration.

Amarasinghe, Widuramina Sameendranath; Fjelde, Ingebret; Guo, Ying. 2019, CLIMIT PhD Seminar. NORCE, UISPoster
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