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Mari Øgaard

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    Master of science
    ved Fornybare energisystemer ved Institutt for energiteknikk

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Evaluation of irradiance decomposition and transposition models for a Nordic climate.

Martinsen, Dina C.; Øgaard, Mari; Nygård, Magnus Moe; Wiig, Marie Syre; Sabatino, Marisa Di; Marstein, Erik Stensrud; Riise, Heine Nygard. 2022, 8th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion. IFE, UIOPoster

Detecting Permanently Activated Bypass Diodes in Utility-Scale PV Plant Monitoring Data.

Aarseth, Bjørn Lupton; Skomedal, Åsmund; Øgaard, Mari; Marstein, Erik Stensrud. 2022, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. AE, IFE, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

How should monthly snow loss be included in PV yield assessments?

Øgaard, Mari; Riise, Heine Nygard. 2022, Norwegian Solar Cell Conference. IFEPoster

Snow Loss Modeling for Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Systems: Improving the Marion Snow Loss Model.

Øgaard, Mari; Frimannslund, Iver; Riise, Heine Nygard; Selj, Josefine Helene Krogh. 2022, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. NMBU, IFEVitenskapelig artikkel

Hybrid PV-systems and co-localization of charging and filling stations for electrification of road transport sector.

Fagerström, Jonathan; Kvalbein, Lisa; Danebergs, Janis; Nærland, Tine Uberg; Øgaard, Mari; Espegren, Kari Aamodt. 2022, Solar RRL. IFEVitenskapelig artikkel
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