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Patrick Georg Grosz

  • Stilling:
    ved Lingvistikk ved Universitetet i Oslo

Resultater Resultater

Scalarity as a meaning atom in wohl-type particles.

Grosz, Patrick Georg. 2022, John Benjamins Publishing Company. UIOVitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel

Emojis and conditionals: exploring the super linguistic interplay of pictorial modifiers and conditional meaning.

Grosz, Patrick Georg. 2022, Linguistics Vanguard. UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

From music to dance: the inheritance of semantic inferences.

Patel-Grosz, Pritty; Katz, Jonah; Grosz, Patrick Georg; Kelkar, Tejaswinee; Jensenius, Alexander Refsum. 2021, Colloque de Syntaxe et Sémantique à Paris (CSSP) 2021. UIOPoster

Anaphoricity in emoji: An experimental investigation of face and non-face emoji.

Kaiser, Elsi; Grosz, Patrick Georg. 2021, UIOVitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel

Discourse anaphoricity and first-person indexicality in emoji resolution.

Grosz, Patrick Georg; Kaiser, Elsi; Pierini, Francesco. 2021, UIOVitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel
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