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Ning Lin

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    ved Handelshøgskolen ved Nord universitet

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Review of Environmental Risks and Impact Analyses of Northern Sea Route Shipping.

Lin, Ning; Hermann, Roberto Rivas. 2020, Webinar: Shipping along the Northern Sea Route. NORDVitenskapelig foredrag

The Significance of Deep-Water Transshipment Hubs for Future Development of the Northern Sea Route: A Systematic Literature Review.

Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Lin, Ning. 2020, Webinar: Shipping along the Northern Sea Route . NORDVitenskapelig foredrag

Why shipowners will install WPTs? A theoretical model of WPT firm uptake. Advances of deliverable 5a WASP project.

Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Siatta, Mark David; Lin, Ning. 2020, Business Case Workshop- Interreg project WASP. NORDFaglig foredrag

The impact of an upstream buyer consolidation and downstream intermodal rail-based solution on logistics cost in the China-Europe container trades.

Lin, Ning; Hjelle, Harald M.; Bergqvist, Rickard. 2020, Case Studies on Transport Policy. NORD, MF, HIM, GuVitenskapelig artikkel
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