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Adnan Kisa

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    ved School of Health Sciences ved Høyskolen Kristiania



Helsetjeneste- og helseadministrasjonsforskning


Sykdomskostnader • Global Helse • Helsepolitikk • Kostnadseffektivitet • Helse- og sykehusadministrasjon • Helsevesen og -administrasjon • Finansiering av helsetjenester


Kristiania University College, University of Oslo Tulane University, School of Public health and Tropical Medicine University of South Carolina, School of Public Health University of Washington, Seattle, IHME Oslo Metropolitan University Harvard University, School of Public Health

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Adnan Kisa


Prof. Dr. Adnan Kisa received doctorate from Tulane University, health policy and economics, and works at Kristiania University College. Dr. Kisa has an extensive global health and policy research experience focusing on health and economic development, health services utilization, comparative health systems, cost of illness, cost effectiveness of interventions in healthcare, pharmacoeconomics, health outcomes research. Dr. Kisa has more than 100 peer reviewed published articles, books, book chapters, research reports in English, Russian, Spanish and French and Turkish and member of many national and international health institutions, scientific boards, and editorial boards. Dr. Kisa is a collaborator for Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington-Seattle-USA, “World Health Organization-Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions Project”, “World Health Organization-Adherence to Long-term Therapies Project”, “World Health Organization-World Health Survey”, and the Value of Vaccination Research Network (VoVRN) at the Harvard University, T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


Adnan Kisa

Resultater Resultater

Global, regional, and national burden of stroke and its risk factors, 1990–2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019.

Feigin, Valery L.; Stark, Benjamin A; Owens Johnson, Catherine; Roth, Gregory A.; Bisignano, Catherine; Kisa, Adnan; Stroke Collaborators, GBD 2019; Kisa, Sezer; Zhong, Chenwen; Zuniga, Yves Miel H mfl.. 2021, Lancet Neurology. HK, OSLOMETVitenskapelig artikkel

Global, regional, and national progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 3.2 for neonatal and child health: all-cause and cause-specific mortality findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019.

Paulson, Katherine R.; Kamath, Aruna M; Alam, Tahiya; Kisa, Adnan; Mortality Collaborators, GBD 2019 Under-5; Hay, Simon I.; Kisa, Sezer; Murray, Christopher J L; Kassebaum, Nicholas J.. 2021, The Lancet. HK, OSLOMETVitenskapelig artikkel

A Review of Effect of Addiction to Gambling and its Outcomes to Social and Political Economy.

Younis, Mustafa Z.; Harris, Cynthia; Nwagwu, Emeka; Sinay, Tony; Lu, Kristina; Kisa, Adnan. 2021, Western Economic Association International. HKVitenskapelig foredrag

Examining the Racial Disparity in Coronavirus- Covid-19.

Younis, Mustafa Z.; Ingungu, Jeff; Kisa, Adnan; Hartmann, Michael; Nwagwu, Emeka; Sinay, Tony. 2021, Western Economic Association International. HKVitenskapelig foredrag

Use of multidimensional item response theory methods for dementia prevalence prediction: an example using the Health and Retirement Survey and the Aging, Demographics, and Memory Study.

Nichols, Emma; Abd-Allah, Foad; Hay, Simon I.; Kisa, Adnan; Murray, Christopher J L; Vos, Theo; Kisa, Sezer; Mokdad, Ali H.; Dementia Collaborators, GBD 2019. 2021, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. HK, OSLOMETVitenskapelig artikkel
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