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Aktiv cristin-person Maryam Jafri

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    ved Avdeling Kunstakademiet ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

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Maryam Jafri


Maryam Jafri


As an artist and an educator, I seek to enable students to develop a rigorous and dynamic working process that continues to sustain students long after they have completed their art education. I aim to provide a highly personalized education for each student while simultaneously building a community and a discourse around art making. Artistic practice means maintaining a fine balance between work and play, practice and accident, control and coincidence. My practice draws upon diverse traditions, from pop and conceptual art to literature and theater, and finds its expression in a broad array of formats, including moving image, expanded sculpture, installation, and photography. Above all my art practice is grounded in an engagement with the formal and conceptual qualities of each media, periods of extensive research and planning, and the mysterious but crucial role played by forces that lie outside deliberation and preparation such as accident, chance, and intuition. Setting the groundwork for research, planning and preparation of an art work can and will be taught. Accident, chance, and intuition can not be taught but they can and will be embodied and coaxed…

Resultater Resultater

AB6 Athens Biennale 2018.

Jafri, Maryam. 2018, AB6 Athens Biennale 2018. KHIOKunstutstilling

Mariam Jafri Vs. Maryam Jafri .

Jafri, Maryam. 2019, KHIOVisuell kunst

Maryam Jafri in dialogue with David Panos.

Jafri, Maryam; Panos, David. 2017, Kunstnerisk forskningsuke. KHIOFaglig foredrag

The State : Vahap Avṣar, Maryam Jafri, Christian Jankowski, Duane Linklater.

Jafri, Maryam. 2016, The State : Vahap Avṣar, Maryam Jafri, Christian Jankowski, Duane Linklater. KHIOKunstutstilling


Jafri, Maryam. 2016, Granpalazzo [gruppeutstilling]. KHIOKunstutstilling
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