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Joshua Lawrence

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    ved Institutt for pedagogikk ved Universitetet i Oslo

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Analyzing Mothers' Use of Chinese Idioms (Chengyu) in Natural Home Settings.

Yang, Junyi; Grøver, Vibeke; Lawrence, Joshua. 2022, Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association(AERA). UIOPoster

Mothers' Linguistic Input During Shared Book Reading and Dual Language Learners' Home Language Skills.

Yang, Junyi; Lawrence, Joshua; Grøver, Vibeke. 2022, Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association(AERA). UIOFaglig foredrag

Bilingual preschool children’s second-language vocabulary development: The role of first-language vocabulary skills and second-language talk input. .

Grøver, Vibeke; Lawrence, Joshua; Rydland, Veslemøy. 2016, International Journal of Bilingualism. UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Reading Comprehension and Academic Vocabulary: Exploring Relations of Item Features and Reading Proficiency.

Lawrence, Joshua; Knoph, Rebecca; Mcllraith, Autumn; Kulesz, Paulina A.; Francis, David. 2021, Reading Research Quarterly. UIO, UoHVitenskapelig artikkel

A LURI Comparison: Listening comprehension for Norwegian and Chinese children.

Knoph, Rebecca; Hagen, Åste Mjelve; Zhang, Wenjie; Lawrence, Joshua. 2021, Interactive Poster presented at the Annual Meeting for the Northern Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association. UIO, HNUPoster
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