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Nathan Harris Phinney

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    ved Institutt for biovitenskap ved Universitetet i Bergen

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The lichen cushion: A functional perspective of color and size of a dominant growth form on glacier forelands.

Phinney, Nathan Harris; Asplund, Johan; Gauslaa, Yngvar. 2022, Fungal Biology. NMBUVitenskapelig artikkel

Trait-based response of lichens to large-scale patterns of climate and forest availability in Norway.

Phinney, Nathan Harris; Ellis, Christopher J.; Asplund, Johan. 2021, Journal of Biogeography. NMBU, RBGEVitenskapelig artikkel

Growth rates and thallus loss in hair lichens along small-scale Picea abies-canopy gradients.

Gauslaa, Yngvar; Solhaug, Knut Asbjørn; Phinney, Nathan. 2020, Fungal ecology. NMBUVitenskapelig artikkel

Macroclimate drives growth of hair lichens in boreal forest canopies.

Phinney, Nathan; Gauslaa, Yngvar; Palmqvist, Kristin; Esseen, Per-Anders. 2020, Journal of Ecology. NMBU, UMUVitenskapelig artikkel

Functional trade-off of hydration strategies in old forest epiphytic cephalolichens.

Hovind, Annie B. Ås; Phinney, Nathan; Gauslaa, Yngvar. 2020, Fungal Biology. NMBUVitenskapelig artikkel
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