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John Peter Brodholt

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    ved Senter for Jordens utvikling og dynamikk ved Universitetet i Oslo

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ElasT: A toolkit for thermoelastic calculations.

Li, Yunguo; Vočadlo, Lidunka; Brodholt, John Peter. 2022, Computer Physics Communications. UoSaToCH, STORBRITAN, UIO, UCLVitenskapelig artikkel

Strong shear softening induced by superionic hydrogen in Earth's inner core.

Wang, W; Li, Yunguo; Brodholt, John Peter; Vocadlo, Lidunka; Walter, Michael J.; Wu, Zhongqing. 2021, Earth and Planetary Science Letters. UoSaToCH, CAS, CARNEGIE, UIO, UCLVitenskapelig artikkel

Incorporation of tetrahedral ferric iron into hydrous ringwoodite.

Thomson, Andrew R.; Piltz, Ross O.; Crichton, Wilson A.; Cerantola, Valerio; Ezad, Isra S.; Dobson, David P.; Wood, Ian G.; Brodholt, John Peter. 2021, American Mineralogist. MACQ, ESRF, AUSTRALIA, UIO, TYSKLAND, UB, UCLVitenskapelig artikkel

Sulfur isotopic signature of Earth established by planetesimal volatile evaporation.

Wang, Wenzhong; Li, Chun-Hui; Brodholt, John Peter; Huang, Shichun; Walter, Michael J.; Li, Min; Wu, Zhongqing; Huang, Fang; Wang, Shui-Jiong. 2021, Nature Geoscience. UoSaToCH, CU, CAS, CARNEGIE, CUG, UoNV, UIO, JU, UCLVitenskapelig artikkel

Elasticity of hydrous ringwoodite at mantle conditions: Implication for water distribution in the lowermost mantle transition zone.

Wang, Wenzhong; Zhang, Han; Brodholt, John Peter; Wu, Zhongqing. 2021, Earth and Planetary Science Letters. UoSaToCH, KINA, UIO, UONM, UCLVitenskapelig artikkel
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