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Cristin-prosjekt-ID: 2502807
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Gender Issues in Scandinavian Music Education: From Stereotypes to Multiple Possibilities


Silje Valde Onsrud
ved Høgskulen på Vestlandet

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Silje Valde Onsrud


Start: 1. august 2019 Slutt: 1. august 2021

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Gender Issues in Scandinavian Music Education: From Stereotypes to Multiple Possibilities

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Gender Issues in Scandinavian Music Education: From Stereotypes to Multiple Possibilities introduces updates to research and teaching philosophies that envision new ways of considering gender diversity in music education. The Scandinavian contributors in the project look beyond the dominant Anglo-American lens while confronting a universal need to resist and rethink the gender stereotypes that limit a young person’s musical development. Addressing issues at all levels of music education—from primary and secondary schools to conservatories and universities— topics discussed include:

  • the intersection of social class, sexual orientation, and teachers’ beliefs;
  • gender performance in the music classroom and its effects on genre and instrument choice;
  • hierarchical inequalities reinforced by power and prestige structures;
  • strategies to fulfill curricular aims for equality and justice that meet the diversity of the classroom

Representing a commitment to developing new practices in music education that subvert gender norms and challenge heteronormativity, Gender Issues in Scandinavian Music Education fills a growing need to broaden the scope of how gender and equality are situated in music education—in Scandinavia and beyond.

Vitenskapelig sammendrag

This project collect studies by music education researchers in Scandinavia who particularly works with gender issues. By puttings together studies from primary and secondary school to higher music education, we aim to give a thick description of the situation in Scandinavia in terms of gender trouble, and how the different educational levels effect each other. The aim of the project is further to move beyond gender stereotypes and envision music education practices on all levels with a gender diversity that do not limit young people's musical expressions and participation in musical practices. The contributing studies in the project are:

  • Music, gender and social change: Contemporary debates, directions and challenges (Cecilia Björck)
  • Singing like a child: Transgressive girlhood in the music classroom (Eirik Askerøi and Ingeborg Lunde Vestad)
  • Binary oppositions and third spaces: Perspectives on the interplay between gender, genre practice, instrument and cultural capital in upper secondary schools in Sweden (Carina Borgström Kallén)
  • Equality and sustainable development in Swedish music classrooms (Linn Hentschel and Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist)
  • Positioning in a Swedish music profiled school (Mikael Persson)
  • Thinking queer pedagogy in music education with Girl in Red (Silje Valde Onsrud)
  • On breaking the "citational chains of gender normativity" in Norwegian art and music schools / (Hilde Synnøve Blix and Live Weider Ellefsen)
  • Career paths in higher music education: Challenges for gender equality in the arts (Lilli Mittner and Hilde Synnøve Blix

The studies include both qualitative and quantitative approaches, and are  influenced by gender theorists from Simone deBeauvoir to Judith Butler.


Qualitative and quantitative methods, which include interviews, observations, music video-analysis, survey and statistics.


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Silje Valde Onsrud

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Hilde Synnøve Blix

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Ingeborg Lunde Vestad

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