Cristin-prosjekt-ID: 379826
Sist endret: 26. januar 2016, 12:13

Cristin-prosjekt-ID: 379826
Sist endret: 26. januar 2016, 12:13

Det sosiale utstillingsrommet (Stipendiatprogrammet)


Annelise Rosemary Bothner-By
ved Avdeling Design ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

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  • Avdeling Design ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo


Start: 11. juli 2012 Slutt: 31. desember 2015

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Det sosiale utstillingsrommet (Stipendiatprogrammet)

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This project, within the field of exhibition design, will focus on the potential social situations within the narrative space. I will explore how spatial experience can mediate social interaction, dialogue and contemplation oriented towards the exhibition’s theme, content and consequence.

The project is concerned with museum exhibitions and other types of exhibitions with educational objectives. Museums have undergone radical changes in recent years, due to their new role in society, new ways and views on learning, and, due to new information technology, a complete change in the way the public seek and absorb information. Exhibitions are ever more interactive and focused on user experience. Creating curiosity, debate, and challenging established views is often the aim rather than the collection or object itself. The visitor as co-producer and her involvement and input is also emphasized.

In society in general, entertainment, information and social interaction is largely communicated through intangible channels, and I believe a main contribution of the exhibition designer is to focus on the distinctive perceptive qualities of the tangible and physical space. Inspired by phenomenology oriented architects and artists, I want to focus on the non-verbal, spatially embodied narrative - the narrative within a sensory and associative perception of space, movement, materials, lights, colouring and mood. My aim is to create exhibition design that will facilitate both for people to meet and relate to each other as well as for the exhibition’s content. Thus there is a potential for the social interaction in itself to be part of the perceived narration. Within this spatial narrative, more explicit information is present as an integrated part of the experience.

During the research period I will work with exhibition design through full scale installations, partly in KHiOs spatial laboratory and partly within the facilities of museum institutions - either by intervening in existing exhibitions or as part of the production team of new exhibitions. User involvement will be an important part of the research work, and video documentation will be part of the critical reflection.

Stipendiatprogrammet for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid


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Annelise Rosemary Bothner-By

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    ved Avdeling Design ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
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Bothner-By, Annelise R.. 2013, Bordverksted. KHIOMuseumsutstilling

Bordinstallasjon. Norvegiska romá–norske sigøynere.

Bothner-By, Annelise R.. 2014, KHIOVisuell kunst


Bothner-By, Annelise R.. 2012, KHIOVisuell kunst

Rapport. Møter i utstillingsrommet.

Bothner-By, Annelise R.. 2015, KHIODoktorgradsavhandling
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