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Sist endret: 27. januar 2016 15:00
Cristin-prosjekt-ID: 474256
Sist endret: 27. januar 2016 15:00

Improving humanitarian logistics through action research


Marianne Jahre
ved Institutt for strategi og entreprenørskap ved Handelshøyskolen BI

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  • Institutt for strategi og entreprenørskap ved Handelshøyskolen BI


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Start: 11. august 2014 Slutt: 31. desember 2015

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Improving humanitarian logistics through action research

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Humanitarian logistics is about disaster preparedness, response, and recovery, and accounts for 60-80% of total costs with huge improvement potential. Project objectives are to establish cooperation with US humanitarian logistics research centre(s). Building on action research, the project will develop pedagogical tools for forecasting demand in disasters and for mapping capacities in disaster prone countries, and test these with GaTech-, MIT- and other post-graduate students, followed by co-authored papers in scientific journals.

Critical R&D challenges are the gap between practice and research in management, and discussions about relevance vs. rigour, in general and in logistics, operations – and supply chain management specifically. Action research can be one solution to obtaining both relevance and rigor, but is a relatively recent approach in the field, literature reporting few studies. This in spite of being an area that should be particularly well suited, given that the point of action research is to experiment on real problems designed to assist in solution. Humanitarian logistics in particular lacks practical relevance and the literature does not report any action research. The main R & D challenge for the first study is that while practice relies on needs assessment that have proven inadequate for the purpose of efficient planning and response, prevailing research claims that there is lack of data for demand forecasting. Our research will demonstrate that there is data and how it can be used for planning. For the second study, the main R & D challenge is to understand how disaster prone countries can prepare for disasters, building their own competence and capacity, and for what they need international assistance.

Anticipated use of project findings constitute the tools’ potential for improving practice and teaching. Results will contribute to more understanding of action research in humanitarian logistics in particular, and SCM and management in general.



Marianne Jahre

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    ved Institutt for strategi og entreprenørskap ved Handelshøyskolen BI
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Resultater Resultater

Coordination in humanitarian logistics through clusters.

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Field Logistics and Logistics in the Field - Undertaking a mission or performing research in humanitarian logistics.

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