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Cristin-prosjekt-ID: 525683
Sist endret: 18. november 2016 16:40

NoAClim No‐analogue climates and ecological responses in the past and future


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NoAClim No‐analogue climates and ecological responses in the past and future

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NoAClim is designed to test the scenario of novel, no-analogue climates and ecosystems in Norden and to bridge the gap between climate and biodiversity research. Norden supports over 3000 native flowering plants and a wide range of ecosystems, some unique to Norden. Ecosystems, like climates, are not static entities. They vary in space and time and palaeoecological studies demonstrate major changes in their distribution, composition, and extent over time, primarily in response to Holocene climate changes at millennial or centennial scales and, in the late Holocene, to changes in land-use, human impact, and soil. Few major terrestrial ecosystems have existed for more than the past 11,000 years, and most are considerably younger, some developing only within the last few centuries. Future ecosystems are inevitably uncertain and historically contingent but the richness of palaeoecological biotic responses seen in the Holocene suggests that many future outcomes are possible.



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