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Sist endret: 30. november 2018 10:59
Cristin-prosjekt-ID: 539804
Sist endret: 30. november 2018 10:59

Education for the future in a changing health landscape


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Education for the future in a changing health landscape

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The society has a constantly increasing need for professional health workers, and nursing students must be able to meet future demands for health care. Hence, the nursing education must equip students with change competency, information seeking expertise and reflection skills. Nurses need training in facing unexpected situations in a safe environment (simulation), learn to reflect on their own challenges (active learning), and learn how to use and navigate information resources related to their clinical practice (information literacy). The students may practice on how to handle patients and their relatives, how to examine, treat and care for patients, without an actual patient in the room, thus avoiding the risk of maltreatment.

The project consist of three sub-projects that will investigate different sides of simulation as a pedagogical method and one sub-project that focuses on information seeking in clinical practice. The primary theoretical framework departs from a sociocultural perspective on learning.

Previous studies find that simulation is a good pedagogical tool, but there is still lack of knowledge on why it works well and what effect this kind of training might have in a long-term perspective. The novelty of our project is that we propose to focus on so-called low tech-simulation and the evaluation of this kind of simulation training in a longitudinal study. The project will follow nursing students' simulation training over a three-year period, in addition to following up previous students who have had the same kind of training. The project will be carried out in close cooperation with the students' clinical placements. We will evaluate the use of low-tech simulation before, during and after clinical placements, and the students will be involved in several parts of the simulation training.



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